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Ever noticed that railfan videos suffer from the Lake Wobegon effect: everyone's product is "The Highest Quality," "The Finest," or "The Best"? If other producers have passion for their product, then by comparison that must mean we are "Beyond Passion." You will see it in every step of the production; from how, when, and where we shoot; how we edit; and how we deliver. From looking for the perfect angle under perfect light, to taking the time in the edit room to get the video and audio polished, to being the first to deliver on Blu-Ray BD-R High Definition Disk, Marcam Productions is the one to watch. Consider the bell curve shifted.

This is not fair weather railfanning
History '96 to Present from Hi-8 to UltraHD:

1996: It all started back in college, a couple of guys chasing the last runs of Amtrak's Pioneer across Oregon and videotaping on Hi8.
1997: The Hi-8 cameras gave way to Sony VX1000 3CCD prosumer video-cameras and a dream was born to creatively capture the most scenic and interesting rail operations on digital video.
1998 to 2004: Marcam Productions works with Goodheart Productions on such titles as 4449 Return to Freedom and SP&S 700 Homecoming Excursion. Field work continued on productions across the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.
2004-2005: Marcam Productions ditches DVCAM and switches to High Definition cameras. Field work expands to locations like China.
2007: Marcam Productions Premieres its first independent release "Legends of Steam" Vol I-III.
2012: Marcam Productions gets its first 4K Ulta High Defintion camera.

We have amassed a large library of footage over the last 18 years and will be releasing Standard Definition DVDs of footage shot between 1997 and 2004 as well as continuing to shoot and release High Definition footage on Blu-ray BD-R and down converted to Standard Definition DVD. 

Just another day at the office

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